Roof Dragons For Sale

We produce all our own products,using a special cement based formular,they are hand cast then hand finshed, at our workshop in Battlesbridge Essex,we only sell direct, do not sell or advertise on any other web sites.

Our roof finials are individually made so each piece will have its own unique design quirks, and no two finials are indentical, we can customize, adding new extra features ie; larger horns or extra spikes,eyes or face features,colour,they are hand finshed to a terrecotta rustic / antique patina apperence as standard, they will continue to age gracefully on your roof,and give the appereance of a authentic antique piece.

(Deliverly is not included,but we can arrange package / deliverly from £20 to £60 depnding on location,contact us with your post code,we will reply with a cost)

*Happy to sent you sizes or extra photos of any Roof Finials you are interested in.*

Below a few of sold finials to happy customers.

DRAG/)O666 £135.00

DRAG 0555/ One off Gargoyle £155.00 Angled Ridge (with lead head)